The segment is gradually recovering after the lockdown, and that makes one feel better.
13.08.2020 17:11, Moscow, Russia
Miscellaneous #ColvirBankingSystem
Our heart-felt congratulations to our customer!
11.05.2020 11:15, Minsk, Belarus
Miscellaneous #ColvirBankingSystem
Our sincere congratulations and best wishes to our partners on the occasion of the Nowruz Day!
20.03.2020 11:30, Moscow, Russia
Programming school for children
16.03.2020 11:37, Moscow, Russia
Two rewarding days at the Training Center of the National Bank of the Belarus Republic
09.03.2020 11:38, Raubichi, Belarus
Following our tradition, we have been active participants
28.02.2020 11:40, Moscow, Russia
While the conference per se will only take place in April, the announcement is already to be found at the Infopark web site
18.02.2020 11:45, Minsk, Belarus
It was held on February 14 right in the center of Moscow – in Neglinnaya street
17.02.2020 11:50, Moscow, Russia
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