Attending Workshop on “Banking Sector HR Potential Development in the Digital Transformation Era”

09.03.2020 11:38, Raubichi, Belarus
Two rewarding days at the Training Center of the National Bank of the Belarus Republic

We spent February 26 and 27 in Belarus attending a workshop dedicated to “Banking Sector HR Potential Development in the Digital Transformation Era”. This is one of very few market events that is fully dedicated to the important topic of human resource development in the banking industry. As the workshop progressed, bank HR department representatives and heads discussed compelling issue and outlook of the HR policy, as well as exchanged their experiences and got to know about latest technologies used in personnel training for the banking sector.

During the two days the audience was addressed by 15 speaker, each presenting theoretical and practical cases. Our company was represented by Vladislav Kurenkov, head of the Colvir Software Solutions Training Center. He presented a paper entitled “Integrated Information System. Development Outlook for Training Technologies”.

“The event proved most worthwhile: it provided an opportunity to meet many people from Belarus banks, hear them talk about their vision of how banking processes are developing. Many interesting papers were presented, and it was particularly encouraging that my presentation evoked quite a response – colleagues were taking pictures of my slides, asked all sorts of questions, and on the whole took quite a lively interest in our experience”.

Talking about responses, besides our presentation, massive discussions were triggered by the following topics:


  • Digital skills and job opportunities. EU experience
  • HR Management vs Risk Management
  • Implementation of new technologies for HR management processes
  • “Alpha. Technologies and HR. Today and tomorrow”


Attending such events tends to promote clearer understanding of issues that are of real concern to the industry segment. And optimum solutions to such issues can only be identified in the course of dialogue among professionals.



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