Colvir Attends B+S Technology-Savvy Banking Forum

28.03.2019 18:29, Ekaterinburg, Russia
A representative of Colvir Software Solutions visited the 16th B+S Technology-Savvy Banking forum

On March 21, 2019, Yekaterinburg hosted the 16th International B+S Technology-Savvy Banking forum, dedicated to technologies, key banking trends, experience of leading credit institutions and solution developers. Colvir Software Solutions delegate was Igor Lebedev, Sales Manager for Russia.

The following topics were reviewed on the forum agenda:


  • Key trends in digital banking services ecosystem
  • Customer service development: impact of new services on bank profitability
  • Automating Bank to Government interaction
  • Assuring security: up-to-date solutions in the current regulatory environment
  • Intelligent assistants for customer interaction
  • Specific features of the banking industry labor market


Igor Lebedev, Sales Manager for Russia:

“In today’s realities user of any gadget can not only select a bank, but can also become a customer of that bank without getting up from his seat. He/she can also transfer money from an account with one bank to an account with another bank quite easily and at zero cost. This makes the boundary between banks blurred. Under such circumstances winners are those who can better adapt their internet services to user behavior. It is obvious that the size of the online user population is growing, and this trend will continue.

Actually today a banking product would only be relevant to customers within the context of products and services that customers consume. For this reason banks must make much more active use of LifeStyle content in their internet services, and this will encourage users to consume more.

The Urals region is one of very few regions in Russia where there are still multiple banks that are independent of global banking industry “monsters” and that are prepared to consider and implement in their business new banking sector solutions, which makes experts and other professionals in Colvir Software Solutions quite pleased”.

Experts gathered at the forum defined a number of prevailing banking industry trends in 2019 including improved usability, diverse integrations and collaborations with other services, as well as digitization of the banking industry as a whole. The forum was visited by over representatives of the banking sector, IT companies, public institutions, and real economy sector companies.

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