Colvir signs an agreement with CODDY

16.03.2020 11:37, Moscow, Russia
Programming school for children

The world around us changes every second. For example, a vast majority of Colvir employees are older than the Internet, and it is something that is not easy to grasp. But today’s kids cannot imagine what world would be like without the worldwide web, and it takes them a lot less time to master a new technology. When three years old, they are already up to speed with their parents’ gadgets, and by the time they go to school their can already design a moving robot of their own, albeit from a specialist Meccano set. One way or another, it would no longer be possible to deny the impact that information-technologies have on contemporary life.

We are pleased to inform you that we recently signed an agreement with CODDY programming school for children. We will now be helping children to acquire right in our office skills that would help them a lot in today’s world. This is really essential, as sea changes have occurred in the world around us and the rate at which we receive new information has increased manifold. A child needs to understand what new fulfilment opportunities are offered by gadgets, including self-education capabilities, the correct way to take advantage of such opportunities, and how Internet can be leveraged to improve one’s life.

Some serious educational passions will start running high on Colvir premises at coming week-ends Colvir. Depending on their age, kids are looking forward to classes in basic programming skills, JS programming, using Python to create games, creating chat bots, and a lot more. The CODDY syllabus includes all of the following subjects:


  • Programming Basics
  • Programming in Roblox
  • Using Codewards
  • Photoshop Basics
  • Game Scripts
  • Videoblogging
  • Programming in JavaScript
  • Using Python to create games
  • Chat bot programming in Python
  • Website Development


Sergey Bogdanov, Director of Business Development Department, Colvir Software Solutions:

”I am very pleased with the fact that we are now in partnership with CODDY programming school for children. It is always a pleasure to support people who are involved in good cause. I am confident that our collaboration will be very beneficial for children”.

Visit the website to find the full list of courses and venues. You may also use it to register yourself and sign up your child for any course to your liking.

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