FinNext 2020 forum has taken place

28.02.2020 11:40, Moscow, Russia
Following our tradition, we have been active participants

The FinNext event is one of our favorites in Russia. Continuous tracking of trends, absence of self-repetition an agenda that is always packed are all traits typical of the forum organizers who have lived up to expectations this time as well. That is the reason why Colvir Software Solutions sent two company representatives to attend this forum: product development director Evgeny Guschin and customer relationship manager Gleb Semenov.

While those assembled last year in the Digital Business Space in ancient Pokrovka street discussed transition from beautiful technology developments to direct customer communications, this year they explored in a lot of detail how we can win in the fight for customers’ affection, induce bright emotions and encourage brand loyalty.

The following important issues were reviewed by the audience in the course of the event::


  • What technologies enable fintech companies to be most effective while unobtrusive in penetrating the maximum range of areas of customers’ life. Key technology breakthroughs, trends and insights
  • Who and how should be targeted for partnering in order to achieve this goal: what are the benefits and what are the dangers
  • What should be done in order to retain customers, and what should not be done
  • What will be the focus of those banks that are not extending the range of customer services beyond financial services /li>
  • Hype topic – SuperApps: how is this area developing, who is preparing to launch releases
  • With what new services in b2b and b2c segments are competing banks and fintech companies beginning to launch in order to attract and retain customers?
  • Who can complement existing customers? Loyal customer segments are running out. Untapped or inadequately tapped customer groups – what are they? Can they become a new niche? What technologies can facilitate dealing with them?
  • Voice assistants – new customer communication method


We hope that this forum, which was the eighth of its kind, has set a new benchmark for this type of event: the invested time must be interesting and useful, must deliver on matters of immediate concern for the industry, and it is always a pleasure to seek and find new unobvious solutions to current challenges in discussions with real professionals. We do believe that FinNEXT continue to help advance the whole financial domain for many years to come.

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