Halyk Bank Tajikistan Becomes a Customer of Colvir Software Solutions

16.01.2020 12:01, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Now the Bank uses our Core Banking System

As 2020 is gaining momentum, we find pleasure in stepping back to look at some of last year’s events. One such important event occurred just one months before New Year’s Eve: Halyk Bank Tajikistan became another customer and another strategic partner of Colvir Software Solutions. WE were busy from March through November implementing Colvir Core Banking System to migrate the People’s Bank of Kazakhstan JSC subsidiary to the single platform leveraged by the parent bank.

Halyk Bank Tajikistan has been delivering its services to all categories of corporate, SME and individual customers for 10 years striving to use latest banking technologies. This financial organization has a license from the National Bank of Tajikistan to engage in banking transactions with local and foreign currency, and is a universal bank serving legal entity and individual customers. The prevailing line of business for Halyk Bank Tajikistan is at this point in time lending to mid-sized and large business entities.

A number of important phases were passed during the 9 months of project duration:


  • Identification of customer needs, collection and analysis of the Bank’s requirements;
  • Implementation of the Bank’s requirements;
  • User acceptance testing: testing and acceptance of system functionality by the bank;
  • Data migration from the previous system to Colvir CBS, and system go-live per se.


This is how Dinara Tomenova, the implementation manager of the Project Office, describes the activity of the project team to deploy the system with the Bank:

“Like all large-scale projects that we undertake, this process was organized taking into account specific Customer wishes. It is worth a separate mention that over 80% of the total number of the Bank’s professional employees participated in the implementation process, and this demonstrates the high degree of interest taken by our partner in the project, and their professionalism. Colvir Core Banking System must live up to the expectations of Halyk Bank Tajikistan, and must make their business processes simpler and more user friendly.”

On November 11 Halyk Bank Tajikistan commenced fully leveraging the core banking system to automate its operations. We welcomed the opportunity to learn forthwith the impressions left by this important event with Deputy Chairman of the Board of Management of Halyk Bank Tajikistan Mr. Dulat Saryshev.

“Our existing core banking system did not meet state-of-the-art baking business standards, nor could it assist us in improving the Bank’s profitability and return on investment. We did not make a mistake when we selected Colvir Software Solutions. A well designed preparatory and transitional period concept together with a highly professional and responsive team fielded by the Vendor facilitated a fast and painless transition and thus error-free data migration. We are pleased with such mutually beneficial collaboration, and we look forward to further development of this warm and friendly relationship.”

We are confident that Colvir CBS implemented for Halyk Bank Tajikistan will become yet one more our successful joint project with Halyk Group that have been helping us maintain relations of close partnership for decades already.

Would you like to automate your business? We would be happy to visit you and demonstrate to you all advantages that our system can offer. Write to us at sales@colvir.ru to request a test demonstration of Colvir products.

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