Presidentbank and Halkbank Merge on Colvir Platform

07.04.2019 18:24, Moscow, Russia
In early 2018 a project was launched to merge two Turkmenistan banks, commercial Presidentbank and Government-owned commercial Halkbank

The professional team of Colvir Software Solutions was faced with a serious challenge – migrating the country’s largest bank to the single technology platform already installed in Presidentbank. The two banks have now become the single Halkbank managed by Colvir CBS. It took the Colvir professional team a little less than one year to complete the implementation, and the process was finished on April 02, 2019.

Alexander Bogdanov, Chief Executive Officer of Colvir Software Solutions:

“This was a serious project in terms of the scope of work, as well as in terms of the customers’ complexity. Having observed the course of events over the past half year, I believe that both the way the project was managed, and the way specific tasks were addressed by the project team were quite professional. On behalf of the company I would like to say “Thank you” to all our employees who took part in the implementation and made their personal contribution towards achieving the ultimate goal under this project”.

Vasily Gorbunov, Project Manager:

“The project lasted for nearly one year, and there were many factors that had an impact on the project start, but thanks to the efforts of the project team we accomplished everything. I would like to say special thanks and express especial gratitude to those team members whose contribution was particularly significant: Elena Altyeva, Alexander Svinarev, Vladimir Medveduk, Oleg Valuk, Marina Borisova, Merdan Eminov, Sergey Remesh, Lyazzat Kusainova, Dinara Tumenova, Anna Shuraleva, Alexander Gorbus, Alexander Kot, Petr Kofanov, Ivan Babushkin, Natalya Suvorova, Akhiles Metaxa and Svetlana Berteleeva”.

Colvir CBS iss one of the most popular banking systems in the CIS market, and it effectively supports all operations within the scope of core banking activities. On top of that Colvir CBS supports automation of bank Treasury, its administrative departments, as well as other functional departments within a bank.

Following its merger with Presidentbank, Government-owned commercial Halkbank (People’s bank), is now the largest commercial bank in Turkmenistan, offering to the public a broad range of services. The Bank’s branch network is spread throughout the country.

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