We Have Been Involved in Expert Capacity in HR EXPO 2020

08.10.2020 11:53, Moscow, Russia
And we have shared our revolutionary approach to providing our employees with health insurance

HR EXPO 2020, the largest HR event in Russia and CIS, was held in Moscow on September 28 through October 2. One of the high-profile conference events was a joint presentation made by Alexandra Klimenko, Colvir Software Solutions HR Department Head, and Online Doctor health insurance services entitled Online Doctor Services as an Alternative to Classic Private Health Insurance for Employees.

Our selection as an expert was not accidental. It I no secret that Colvir Software Solutions employees are working all over the world, and you can find company offices in many countries. A standard private health insurance policy does not fit into such a structure, and that is the reason why we have decided to resort to the state-of-the-art Online Doctor services. It is a very convenient arrangement that makes it possible for our employees working in different countries to obtain a free online consultation from a general practitioner or a subspecialist.

«It was very important for us to find an alternative insurance method that would work in a single format for all our employees, and that would be convenient and user friendly, that would deliver quality service and would fit the company budget. And I do believe we have found such a solution with Online Doctor. I consider this an excellent alternative to a classic private insurance scheme, and I am sure that our experience will be relevant to many companies», says Alexandra Klimenko, Head of Colvir Software Solutions HR Department.

The outcomes of our migration to the Online Doctor services has been quite successful. Over 50% of our employees are active users of the service. We noted a sharp increase in policy activation with the start of the pandemic, and that is easy to explain. Instead of waiting forever for an ambulance to arrive, or making an appointment with a general practitioner one week in advance, our employees can always contact online the subspecialist that they need. It is a great way to avoid running extra risks by getting the necessary assistance without leaving one’s home.

For Colvir employees: in case you have not activated your policy, you can do that here.


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