We Were the First to Announce One of Digital Banking Topic Areas

18.02.2020 11:45, Minsk, Belarus
While the conference per se will only take place in April, the announcement is already to be found at the Infopark web site

The 6th Digital Banking conference will take place in Minsk on April 23, 2020, but its preparation is already in full swing. We are greatly pleased with the fact we have the honor to be the first to announce of the conference topic areas. Thus the Infopark web site has already published an article by Colvir Software Solutions director of product development Evgeny Gusching entitle “Raising Bank Efficiency”.

In this article Evgeny discusses the road covered by business and IT over the past 20 years, their evolution and the structure of their interaction. It is no secret that while those concepts took shape at least 20 years ago, in those distant times business people often did not even know from what side approach a computer, let alone using it. And it was IT professionals who held a monopoly on information technologies, and were the ones to tell business people about new technologies and how to handle them.

But what is the current state of play? Here is what Evgeny writes: "IT people have lost their monopoly, and are no longer sole owners of knowledge. It is remarkable that the balance has tipped in favor of business. Today a state-of-the-art digital team represents a symbiosis of business and IT competences. Nowadays it is business people who know how to make things user-friendly, how customers make use of social networks, what triggers and what routes are used most frequently. Thus the IT role in contemporary world is to implement ideas spawned by business people through selection of an appropriate technology stack and suitable tools“.

Follow this link to read the full article

We would like to remind you that the Digital Banking conference is an effective public venue for discussing digital banking development in Belarus. Each year it brings together for an open dialogue regulators, financial market participants, and digital technology experts, promoting elaboration of a consolidated community stance for handling today’s challenges. A key conference objective is to develop suggestions for updating the draft digital banking development strategy for the Republic of Belarus.

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